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What can I afford in the Bay Area?
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Recently bought homes

$650,000 $4,355 /mo
2,018 sqft

ZeroDown has been transformative for me and my family!

April 2019

$1,200,000 $8,040 /mo
1,167 sqft

A home of our own, a place for all of our memories to be founded

April 2019

$1,150,000 $7,705 /mo
1,239 sqft
San Carlos

Can't be an easier transition between renting and owning than ZeroDown

May 2019

$1,250,000 $8,375 /mo
2,600 sqft

ZeroDown made it possible for us to have the peace of mind knowing that we have a home here

May 2019

$800,000 $5,360 /mo
1,293 sqft

What felt out of reach, ZeroDown made it happen within 30 days.

April 2019

$665,000 $4,456 /mo
730 sqft
San Francisco

Super personalized service - super fast response time.

May 2019

How ZeroDown works

Stop renting, start owning

  1. ZeroDown buys your home

    Choose any home on the market. We'll make an all cash offer on your behalf.
  2. Build towards ownership

    A portion of your payment goes toward building ownership in your home.
  3. You control when you buy

    Put the purchase-credits purchase-credits represent a percentage of the home value and you earn them over time.
    that you've built up towards buying your home from ZeroDown.

What can I afford in the Bay Area?

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Buying your home

ZeroDown's options let you participate in the upside of
homeownership in the way that works best for you


Lock in your home purchase price
at 5% growth rate


You buy the home from ZeroDown at the
market value when you decide to buy

Enter a home value:

Fixed Growth
Market Value
Monthly payment Predictable monthly payment that do not change for 5 years. No hidden fees, no surprises. Ever! (inclusive of property taxes and insurance)
$ 6,900
$ 6,700
Monthly purchase-credits earned
(of future home value)
(of future home value)

purchase-credits represent a percentage of the future home value. You can earn up to 15% over 5 years with ZeroDown. The value of your purchase-credits increase with the increasing value of your home.

You control when you buy:

Fixed Growth
Market Value
Future purchase price
Fair Market Value
(determined at the time of purchase)
Total purchase-credits earned
9% ($105,381)
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Why ZeroDown is better


Traditional home buying
  • $10,000 program fee
  • No closing costs
  • 2 year commitment
  • Competitive all cash offer and quick closing
  • A concierge for your home
Traditional home buying
  • $200,000 down payment
  • $20,000 - $30,000 closing costs
  • 30 year commitment
  • Risk of financing fall-through, non-competitive offer
  • Homeownership can be scary with no support

You have saved $220,000 - $230,000 $200,000 (20% down payment) +
$20,000 to $30,000 (closing costs)
with ZeroDown

Owning a home and achieving your dreams shouldn't be mutually exclusive

Grow your wealth

If the down payment you saved grows by % every year, it will be worth $294,410 in 5 years.

Do more with your savings
Pay off debts
Peace of mind (cash for a rainy day)
Go on that
European vacation Mediterranean cruise Arctic expedition Icelandic sojourn Bali trip
2,200 personal trainer sessions
Let your investments grow
Don't sell your shares in
Slack Uber Zoom Lyft Airbnb
Live healthy, live better

More information

Your questions, answered.

What is ZeroDown?

ZeroDown is creating a new pathway to homeownership in the San Francisco Bay Area. Homebuying isn’t just expensive here—it’s cost-prohibitive. So the majority of people end up renting, as a cheaper, but wasteful alternative.

But what if there was an option between renting and owning? That’s where ZeroDown comes in: we buy the home you want. You move in, pay us a fixed monthly amount and build purchase-credits purchase-credits represent a percentage of the home value and you earn them over time.
in your home each month.

Is ZeroDown a loan?

No, ZeroDown is not a lender and you are not getting a mortgage. Instead, you partner with ZeroDown to buy your home for you and build purchase-credits every month.

How is the monthly payment calculated?

Your monthly payment is based on on the value of the home you select and will not change as long as you live in your home. This is the only payment you’ll ever make to ZeroDown and we’ll take care of property taxes and home insurance. No hidden costs, no hidden fees, ever!

A portion of your payment goes toward building purchase-credits purchase-credits represent a percentage of the home value and you earn them over time.
, the rest goes toward leasing the home.
Click here to calculate your monthly payment.

Can I choose any home available or do I have to choose a home from ZeroDown’s inventory?

You are free to find your home however you’d like – shop online using one of the many home search engines or work with one of our top-rated ZeroDown partner agents who live and work in the areas where you wish to live.

What happens to my home if anything happens to ZeroDown?

Under the hood, ZeroDown is actually two businesses—a real estate fund and a technology business.
Your contract is with the real estate fund and even if anything happens to the technology business, your home is guaranteed by the real estate fund and your contract would be honored.

We know buying a home is a big decision. We document the ins and outs of buying and owning with ZeroDown in our FAQ. If you have more questions, our dedicated experts are here to help.