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Enjoy the benefits of owning with the flexibility of renting. We buy the home you want, you move in without a downpayment and build ownership every month.

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How does ZeroDown work?
Sign up and qualify

Sign up and qualify

Provide the required financial information, we determine the maximum monthly payment you can afford

Choose your home

Choose your home

Find the home you want on your own or with one of our broker partners, and we buy it.

Move in

Move in

Move in without a down payment. Instead of paying rent to your landlord, you pay us toward owning your house.

Build home equity

Build equity-rewards*

Build ownership in your home with monthly payments. Home equity-rewards* vest to you every month (just like stock options at your workplace).

Welcome to stress-free homeownership

  • No down payment, just predictable monthly payments
  • A minimum commitment of two years instead of a 30-year mortgage
  • Free up capital for other investments
  • You choose the neighborhood where you want to live
  • Buy the home from us at any point using the equity-rewards* you've built, or
  • Cash out your equity-rewards* when you move out
  • A dedicated homeownership concierge

ZeroDown means no down payment + lower monthly payments

home value

Home Value

Select the amount of your future home or play around to see what the monthly payment you will get with ZeroDown.

Monthly Payment1 Down Payment
ZeroDown $6,166 0

(30 years, 10% down payment, 5.5% interest rate)

$6,658 $100,000

(1) Monthly payment includes taxes, insurance and other costs (PMI). We used the Bay Area median to calculate these numbers; actual costs will depend on specific home and location.

This data is for illustrative purposes and Bay Area based only. Actual costs may vary depending on the specific home.

We believe that everyone should have access to homeownership
How can ZeroDown offer this deal?

How can ZeroDown offer this deal?

ZeroDown is able to make this possible because:

  • As a ZeroDown resident, you’re not just our customer—you’re our homeownership partner. This means that our goals and incentives are aligned: we both want your ZeroDown home to appreciate in value.
  • We also make money from our partnership with trusted real estate broker partners via commission rebates.