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How ZeroDown works

We are creating a new pathway
to homeownership

ZeroDown let's you move into your dream home with no down payment!
We buy the home you want, you move in without a down payment and
build towards ownership every month.

  1. Signup and qualify

    Provide the required financial information, we determine the maximum monthly payment you can afford.

  2. Choose your home. Move in.

    Find the home you want on your own or with one of our broker partners, and we buy it. Move in without a down payment. Instead of paying rent to your landlord, you pay us toward owning your house.

  3. Build towards homeownership

    Build towards homeownership with monthly payments. You earn purchase-credits purchase-credits represent a percentage of the home value and you earn them over time.
    every month, much like stock options at your workplace.

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Stress free ownership

  • No down payment, just predictable monthly payments. No hidden fees, no surprises!
  • No long term commitment; flexibility to move after 2 years
  • Free up capital for other investments
  • Completely protected from volatility in home prices by locking in the price at which you can buy the home or cash out
  • White glove homeowner concierge


Cost comparison

Select the amount of your future home or play around to see what the monthly payment you will get with ZeroDown.

ZeroDown economics

Home value


(30 years, 10% down payment, 5.5% interest rate)

Down Payment
2 Years
30 Years
Monthly Payment*

* Monthly payment includes taxes, insurance and other costs (PMI). We used the Bay Area median to calculate these numbers; actual costs will depend on specific home and location. This data is for illustrative purposes and Bay Area based only. Actual costs may vary depending on the specific home.

ZeroDown Advantage

The smartest way to buy a home

  • Aligned incentives

    Our goals and incentives are aligned: you want your home to be a great investment and since you can leave anytime after 2 years, we want your home to be a great investment.

  • Powered by world-class tech

    In addition to world-class real estate agents, you get all the benefits of ZeroDown's real estate expertise and data science, when it comes to making a decision on which homes to consider.

  • All cash offers

    ZeroDown makes all-cash offers and present the most desirable terms when you're ready to buy, giving you the best shot of winning in a competitive market such as the Bay Area.

More information

Your questions, answered.

We know buying a home is a big decision. We document the ins and outs of buying and owning with ZeroDown in our FAQ. If you have more questions, our dedicated guides are here to help.