ZeroDown Puts Your Home to Work for You

With each monthly payment, you'll earn Purchase Credits, which add up to a percentage of your ZeroDown Home's price. It's like cash back on your rent. Every month, your rent will feel smaller

Plant your roots, and watch it grow

Earn 15% of the Home's price

by the end of year 5

The ZeroDown Commitment

Simple Pricing

One single monthly payment. No hidden fees or costs.

Clear Timelines You Can Rely On

Take up to 5 years to buy your ZeroDown Home from us. Your monthly payment stays the same the entire time. If you're ready sooner, you can buy anytime after 2 years.

Monthly Payment Calculator

After a one-time Program Fee of $10,000 and an all-cash offer, you have a predicable monthly payment.

Get an estimate on your flat ZeroDown monthly payments and the monthly value of your Purchase Credits

Enter Home Price



I want to buy it after
I think home prices will rise by

You'll earn
$3,252 / mo
toward owning

(calculation based on your plan to buy after 5 years)

You pay
$0 / mo
but it feels like
-$3,252 / mo

*The final monthly payment may vary slightly based on the specific home and locality