How It Works
Renting is a dead end. Buying is unaffordable. In-between there's us. Our program is designed to get you from renting to owning in three years or less.

Move in now. Pay a monthly rent that builds towards a down payment. Buy when you're ready.
Go from renting to owning in less than 3 years
Find your buying power
Answer a few questions to estimate your buying power.
Look for your new home
Shop for a home as you would normally. We can match you with a real estate agent or you can use your own.
We buy the home
Pick a qualifying home and we'll buy it with a cash offer. No taxes, no down payment, no stress.
Kick start your home purchase
Make the Starter Payment (2-3% of the home price) to kick off your Purchase Credits. You'll use these to buy your home when you're ready.
Move in, invest every month
Move into your home! Each month's rent will simultaneously earn you more Purchase Credits, which will be applied towards your down payment.
Buy or walk away
When you're ready, buy the home using your accumulated credits! Or if you've changed your mind, you can walk away from the deal.
What can I afford in Greater Seattle, WA?

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How does it work?

Rent to own is not a typical mortgage or regular lease. ZeroDown buys the home you want, you move in with no down payment, then you pay a monthly rent (that does not change) until you want to buy the home. Each month, you earn Purchase Credits (think of this as future down payment savings) that you can use to eventually buy the home.
If you're not sure what rent to own is, read our detailed blog here

Looking for a regular mortgage instead? We got you covered with the most competitive rates around.

What's included?

Predictable monthly payments
Keys in as little as 2 weeks
Cash offer on the home of your choice
Option to buy the home with no competing offers
Ability to walk away when your lease ends
24/7 Concierge Service

Let's dig into details

Pick the perfect home, we'll get you the keys with 0% down payment

You pick any home on the market that meets our
Property Guidelines
and we'll buy it with a cash offer, then lease it to you. You'll pay us a Starter Payment that kick starts your purchase credits (your future down payment savings). Once you get the keys, you'll have the exclusive option to buy the home from us anytime after 30 days (and up to 3 years).

Put down roots, enjoy your concierge-powered home

Members love ZeroDown's white-glove concierge service, which helps you get used to homeownership (Spoiler alert: you won't be begging friends for a plumber recommendation)

When you are ready to own it, get a traditional mortgage

When you buy it from us, ZeroDown can help connect you with many flexible loan options through its mortgage lending subsidiary, TPH Digital Mortgages, Inc. You are not required to obtain your mortgage through TPH Digital Mortgages, Inc. and can use any mortgage lender to finance the purchase of your home.

Buy it from us at a predictable purchase price

You can purchase the home from us anytime between 30 days and 3 years after you move in. The purchase price of the home is fixed at a 5.5% annualized increase (based on standard market appreciation over the last 5 years), and the way that works is as follows:

For example, if we bought a $400,000 home for you, and you choose to buy it back from us:

12 months later, it would be $422,000. 24 months later, it would be $445,210 36 months later, it would be $472,651

Want to move on? We'll miss you, but we wish you well

After 3 years trying out your home-sweet-home, you can choose to leave and you'll be able to cash out a portion of your purchase credits -- no questions asked. Just like moving out of an apartment at the end of a lease, you can move on to your next thing with your head held high. Maybe, you'll even move to another ZeroDown home (!)

ZeroDown is not a mortgage

And we're not trying to replace mortgages. This is just something you do before you get a mortgage. See some key differences broken out below.

Down Payment

0% down payment.

You can stay liquid and access your cash as needed. Note there is a one-time Starter Payment that represents 2-3% of the home price.
Up to 20% down payment
(as a percentage of home price depending on the type of mortgage).

Monthly Payment

You pay a flat monthly payment depending on the home price.
We pay property taxes and home insurance. You pay renter's insurance.
You pay a flat monthly payment. You also pay property taxes and home insurance.


Not debt, not a loan.
There is no interest rate or principal. It's leasing a home with an option to buy.
Yes debt, yes a loan.
Your down payment & interest rates will determine monthly payments.


ZeroDown holds the title until you buy it from us.
You hold the title from the beginning.


Short term.
You'll use ZeroDown for a few months or years.
Long term.
Most Americans use a 30-year mortgage.


We're here to help you ease into homeownership.
Full-on homeownership.

Property Taxes

We pay property taxes.
You pay property taxes.

Service and Repair

We handle repairs necessary for habitability (like roof, HVAC, etc.), you handle daily home maintenance.
You handle all service, repairs, etc.

How is this even possible?

We're in this to help a LOT of people get into their home ahead of schedule, so we built a model that makes a bit of money on each transaction -- when we buy the home, and when we sell it to you.

1. Split Commision

When we buy the home you love, we split commissions with the realtors where applicable. This type of commission already exists in standard real estate transactions.

2. Home Pricing

You buy the home from us at a predictable price based on historical standard market appreciation at the time of your lease-option agreement.

For instance, if you pick a home priced at $400,000 and historically the market appreciated by 5.5% per year, you'll buy it from us for $422,000 after 12 months. Our small profit from selling the home to you allows us to keep doing what we do. What if the true value of the home increases to more than $422,000? You capture all of that extra upside.

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