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About our Home Value Estimator


Our estimate uses a propriatory algorithm that considers all features of the home, including beds & baths, floor size, lot size, age of the home, and presence of features like a pool, as well as features mentioned in the home's description.


Since small differences in location can make a huge difference in real estate, we look at the relative value of very nearby homes that have been sold, to determine the market conditions in the home's exact location, not just the zipcode or neighborhood.


We constantly validate our estimate on homes that have recently sold to ensure that it remains an accurate predictor of actual sale prices.

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Home Value Estimator FAQs

How do I calculate the value of my home?

Home value is best estimated by looking at nearby similar homes that have sold recently, and taking in to account differences in size and features between the homes, and changes in market conditions that have taken place since those comparable homes have sold. These are all factors that the ZeroDown Home Estimator takes into account when computing our estimate.

What is the most accurate home value estimator?

The ZeroDown home value estimator provides market-leading estimates for home value, but different home value estimators can be more or less accurate depending on the home, so it is good to get multiple opinions from different tools.

Are ZeroDown house valuations accurate?

ZeroDown home valuations are constantly evaluated against the prices homes actual sell at, ensuring that our estimated valuations are highly accurate for most homes.

Why use a home value estimator tool?

Automated home value estimators tools can more accurately take into account the exact features and the up-to-date market conditions in a more complete way than a human could. On the other hand, since the estimate is based on publically available data, the estimate may not take into account information that is not publically available, including information that would only be apparent on an in-person inspection.

What are three ways to value a property?

Property can be valued based on comparison to recent sales (the comparision approach), assessment of how much it would cost to buy the land and build the home (the cost approach), or assessing how much income the property could earn in rent (the income approach). The ZeroDown home value estimator is based on the comparison approach.

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