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Have clients who can't get a mortgage but want a house? Bring them to us and get paid full commission.
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Expand your client's buying power
Homebuyers can afford more with our rent-to-own program, which means more options for your client. Our rent-to-own program is cheaper and allows for higher home prices compared to all of our current competitors.

All cash, close fast
When ZeroDown buys a home, we make an all-cash offer that speeds up the process. That means you can sell more homes in less time.

Money bill wave
Full buyer's commission
When you bring a customer who buys a home through ZeroDown, you earn your full commission.

More eligible clients
With ZeroDown, customers can live in their future home today rather than in 1-3 years from now. Expand your client base to untapped homebuyers.

Door open
Open more doors
Homebuyers can afford more with our rent-to-own program, which means more options for your client.
The process
Open more doors for your clients in just four simple steps.
Invite your clients.
Invite your client to ZeroDown. Help them get started by sending the link to qualify.
Get them prequalified.
Your client will complete a quick prequalification process and learn what their buying power can afford.
Find a home.
Find a home and make an offer on our behalf! After the offer is accepted ZeroDown starts the inspection process (if there is a due diligence period).
We buy the home through you
We buy the home through you. After the negotiation and due diligence is completed, deliver the keys to your client and get paid full commission after our closing.
Get started today.
Help your clients unlock homeownership faster than they thought possible.
Invite your clients

Everything you need to know

Become ZeroDown partner to help your own clients achieve homeownership and earn full commission.

Once approved, the clients look for a home and ZeroDown buys it. If you refer us to your clients, you get paid full commission and will be our agent. If we refer you to a client, you get 70% of the commissions. Clients then rent their house until they are ready to buy.

Why partner with ZeroDown?
  • Earn your full commission now. Real estate agents represent ZeroDown as the buyer of the home their client selects.
  • Turn your clients into cash buyers. ZeroDown is a cash buyer and can close as soon as 2 weeks.
  • Get more leads from our mortgage and property search on ZeroDown.com. Agents who bring us their qualified rent-to-own clients will also get more leads for us for any future deals.
  • When we send leads to our agents we require 30% commission referral, if there is a dual representation for the listing agents we are asking 40-45% referral commission.
What is a Rent-to-Own Program?
ZeroDown's Rent-to-Own program offers aspiring homeowners the opportunity to pick any home available for sale within an approved budget: $200K - $2.5M in the following states: CA, TX, FL, CO, GA, WA, VA.

There are certain budget limits apply to each state: refer to our Property Guidelines to see the maximum price for each region.

ZeroDown buys the home the client selects, and leases it to the client until they are ready to buy within 3 years. The client has an option to buy the home, and accumulates purchase credits that can be used for a future down payment when they are ready to purchase their home from ZeroDown. As the real estate agent, you will represent ZeroDown as we will be buying a home your client selects.
What is the full process for Rent to Own?
  1. Client gets fully pre-qualified with our mortgage team by
    clicking here
    . All financial docs have to be processed in order to submit any offer.
  2. We confirm with the client our property requirements via email - we are looking for an updated and move-in ready property as per our Property Guidelines so it will be easy to rent and resell in a few years.
  3. Once a potential property is identified for the offer, you as our agent notify ZeroDown about the address, interest for the selected property ASAP. We would prefer a 24-48h notice to submit our offer on the property, on certain occasions we can move quicker.
  4. In order to submit the offer, we will need you to answer our Questionnaire for Agents, send us comparable sales and disclosures to assist us with our diligence and decision-making process before submitting the offer.
  5. ZeroDown reviews provided disclosures/comps and confirms with the client financial and lease terms and decides together on the offer terms.
  6. ZeroDown communicates our standard offer terms: price, 48 hour timeline for EMD, 14 days to close, all cash, Home Warranty paid by the sellers, no appraisal and financing contingencies, and a short inspection contingencydepending on the inspections availability and property condition.
  7. The offer is sent via DocuSign to our CEO or Vice President and presented to the sellers as per our instructions.
  8. If accepted, the escrow opens and ZeroDown will work on the title review and ordering inspections - we are using agent's recommended inspectors.
  9. ZeroDown shares with the client the Starter payment disclosure and Lease and Option Agreements and sends it for signatures to the client.
  10. The agent and client will do their best to meet with the inspector at the property.
  11. ZeroDown reviews inspection results with the client and decides together whether to move forward, negotiate or cancel the contract. Prior to removal of the inspection contingency, the client will sign the Lease and Option agreements, Starter payment disclosure and send the Starter payment (2-3% of the purchase price) wire.
  12. Removal of any pending contingencies.
  13. Final walk-through with the client, please update us on any changes with the property.
  14. Signing and closing. Client and ZeroDown get the keys, agent gets paid and client transfers utilities under his/her name.
Who can qualify for ZeroDown?
ZeroDown has the following minimum criteria:
  • FICO score of 540 and up for each applicant
  • Debt To Income ratio - 50%
  • Stable income that will depend on the purchase price (min $3,500 a month)
  • Any properties in the $200K - $2.5M range in move-in condition (no rural areas, fixers, preferences for houses, not condos).
  • 2% of the purchase price (up to $400K) and 3% (for houses over $400K) in savings, 401k, gift or crypto
We also require income documentation from your client. There are 3 options: either a 1-year W-2 (or tax return) plus 2 recent paystubs, or 24 months of personal and/or business bank statements, or 24 months of documentation of a 1099 Income or P&L Statement.
What are the leads that can be potentially closed with ZeroDown?
  • Buyers who need a downpayment
  • Buyers who want or need a more competitive offer
  • Buyers who have a credit score that isn't quite there yet
  • Self-employed buyers or buyers who recently got a new job (can't get a loan)
  • Buyers who need a bridge loan alternative - sellers can buy something they identified now and sell their property at the right time for them
  • Buyers that can't get a mortgage with current rates, but want to lock in a low house price now.
Where does the program apply?
We are currently serving select areas of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. Please check our Property Guidelines for a full list of states and counties.
What are the requirements for Properties?
Please check our Property Guidelines for the homes we can purchase.
Who pays for the inspections?
ZeroDown orders and inspections on every home based on your inspector recommendations.
The inspection report is shared with you and the client. ZeroDown is not a long term landlord so we want to make sure that the client is happy with the home they will soon be buying.
Who orders the home warranty?
We would ask the seller to pay for home warranty or buy home warranty on our own. The tenants/clients will be responsible for making service calls and maintaining the property in a good condition.
Who pays for closing costs, inspection, and appraisal?
ZeroDown pays for closing and inspection, and we don't have loan or appraisal contingencies.
What if my client backs-out after a home is under contract?
During the due diligence period, we can cancel and recoup the earnest money. After that, they risk losing their Starter Payment.
Who pays for property tax, homeowner's insurance, and HOA dues?
What happens if the home price doesn't appreciate to the buyback price?
ZeroDown will dispute the appraisal and split the difference with the client or offer to extend the 3 year lease agreement.
If the client decides not to buy their home, is the agent or broker responsible in any way?
Absolutely not! While many ZeroDown agents stay in contact with their clients after move-in, it is up to the client to complete the program and buy their home.
What is the best way to show the program and figure out if my client can qualify?
After reading through our FAQs and checking out our website, if it sounds like we may be a good fit in helping your client find their home, please invite them to apply now by using this link
to get prequalified for your home shopping budget!

Where is ZeroDown available?

ZeroDown is available in select regions of Arizona, California, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia.

ZeroDown offers a different maximum price for each region. Check the table below to see what maximum home prices look like for your area.

StateMSAMax Price
ArizonaPhoenix, Mesa, Chandler$975,000
CaliforniaSan Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara$2,500,000
San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley$2,500,000
Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim$2,192,000
San Diego, Chula Vista, Carlsbad$2,006,000
Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom$1,000,000
Santa Rosa, Petaluma$1,775,520
Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario$915,000
ColoradoDenver, Aurora, Lakewood$1,150,000
FloridaMiami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach$1,000,000
Orlando, Kissimmee$750,000
Orlando High Value$1,000,000
Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater$765,000
Tampa (city)$1,000,000
GeorgiaAtlanta, Sandy Springs-Alpharetta (Total)$727,200
Atlanta Select Counties$950,000
TexasAustin, Round Rock, Georgetown$1,000,000
Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington$799,900
Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land$685,000
San Antonio, New Braunfels$665,000
WashingtonSeattle, Tacoma, Bellevue$1,290,869