Home Buying

Complete Guide to Finding & Buying Fixer Upper Homes

If you want to buy a property on a budget or if you’re looking for a project you can get stuck into, a fixer-upper property could be perfect for you.

Do I Need A Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter To Make An Offer On A Home?

Serious about buying a home? Realtors prefer showing homes to buyers with a pre-approval letter. Learn the difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval, the benefits of a pre-approval letter, and why you need one.

7 Investment Properties for Sale With Huge Airbnb Potential

Looking to invest in property? With the aim of Airbnb-ing it? These seven properties around the United States would make dream vacation homes and are sure to capture the attention of any Airbnb vacationer.

5 Must-Read Books for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first ever home? Add these five must-read books to your cart ASAP - here are five must-read books for first-time homebuyers in 2022...

When Is the Worst Time To Buy a Home?

Is there ever a bad time to buy a home? This is something everyone should know...

Rent-to-Own Homes: How It Works, the Pros and Cons

What does it mean to rent to own? Let's explore how it works, the potential pros and cons of this type of contract, and more.

These Large Investment Properties Would Make Amazing Airbnbs

Looking to invest in 2022? Or diversify your portfolio? Well, these investment properties might be your opportunity to do just that...

How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse

One of the worst feelings on planet earth - here's how to avoid it.

Can I Back Out of Buying a House Before Closing?

Can you back out of a real estate contract before closing on the home? And if so, what should you watch out for?

Who Pays the Realtor Fees?

Wondering who pays the realtor or agent fee in a home purchase? Real estate fees can vary - so let's take a look at the different scenarios you may face when it comes time to pay up!

The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Family Houses

Sharing spaces - from living spaces to workspaces - has become increasingly popular in recent years. Despite being far from a new concept, multi-family homes are a popular example of this.

Record Highs: California Homes Selling Above Asking

In the Bay Area, the results are even more extreme relative to the rest of California... with 75-90% of homes selling above asking price.

Weekly Tracker: What to Watch for in Trust-Busting, Taxes & Tapering

Every Thursday we are tracking the three T’s - Trust-Busting, Taxes, and Tapering; biggest risks to the economy and capital markets. 

Construction Loans 101: Everything You Need To Know

Looking to build your dream house or renovating the existing one? Our comprehensive guide on construction loans will break it down for you - from the different types of construction loans, the difference between a construction loan and a home improvement loan, and what types of loan you need.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act: Know Your Rights

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act mandates that banks, lending institutions, and any party involved in providing credit cannot discriminate based on age, marital status, sex, color, race, national origin, or receipt of public assistance. Find out how it applies to you and what your rights are under the ECOA act.

How to Find a Good School System: Vaccine Edition

As life begins to reopen and restrictions are lifted across the country, we're taking a look at something worth considering for your new move...

Due-on-Sale Clause: Everything You Need to Know

Here's everything you need to help you understand how a due-on-sale clause works in a mortgage agreement, when can it be triggered, and notable exceptions to the same.

The Top 10 Cheapest States To Buy a House in 2021

If you're looking to move and purchase your first home, forever home, or an investment property, knowing which US states are the cheapest to buy a home in is vital...

Minimum Down Payments on Conventional Conforming Loans

Looking into mortgages and wondering what your minimum down payment options are? Our experts break it down, loan by loan.

4 Steps To Take To Rebuild Your Credit For a Home After Bankruptcy

Looking to rebuild your credit post-bankruptcy? Let's take a look...

The Offer Process: Step by Step

Making an offer on a home a daunting and stressful process, but our realtors and real estate experts have compiled a simple outline to ease your mind and show you what to expect during the offer process in regards to timing and steps.

HOA Pros & Cons: Are They Worth It?

What are some pros and cons to living in a home with a Homeowners Association? What should homebuyers look out for when evaluating HOAs? Learn more about how to evaluate HOAs before you make offers or buy a home.

Treescore: The Benefits of Living Among Trees for Your Health & Happiness

Why living your best life should include being surrounded by trees - and how our latest feature, Treescore, can help you find exactly that...

The Potential Roadblocks To Know When Closing on a Home

Here are some potential speedbumps and roadblocks to a successful home purchase or sale.

The Art & Science of Buying & Selling a Home at the Same Time

Wondering what the best way to manage the process of buying a new home while selling your old home is?

What Is a Green Home?

Learn more about the key characteristics and considerations for green homes, find green homes for sale right now, and more.

Credit Scores: How They Can Affect Your Mortgage Rate

Wondering how your credit score can affect your mortgage rate?

What Is an Estate?

Learn more about the key characteristics and considerations for estates, find estates for sale right now, and more.

Current Mortgage Rates: US Bankrate Updates | Compare Current Rates

Get updates on today's mortgage rates, changes in the 30-year mortgage rates in the US, and mortgage applications.

The Top Things Entrepreneurs Look for in a Home

Do you ever wonder what the home of an entrepreneur looks like? And what they look for in a home? Well, we spoke to six YC founders to find out...

What Is a Duplex?

Learn more about the key characteristics and considerations for duplexes, find duplexes for sale right now, and more.

What is an FHA Loan?

You may have heard the term 'FHA loan' before... but what type of loan is it and who is eligible for one?

What First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credits and Programs Are Available?

Taking the first steps in your homebuying journey and wondering what tax credits and programs may be available to you? You're in the right place!

What Does 'Contingent' Mean in Real Estate?

What does it mean when a home is contingent in real estate?

What Does 'Pending' Mean in Real Estate?

What does it mean in real estate when a home has gone pending?

What Is a Condo?

Learn more about the key characteristics and considerations for condos for sale right now, and more.

Online Home Search: Going Beyond MLS Data

Arm yourself with the knowledge and resources you'll need to solve the case of finding the perfect home...

How to Get a Mortgage: A Step-By-Step Guide

Beginning to embark on your hombuying journey and wondering how to get a mortgage? Our experts created this step-by-sep guide for exactly that!

ZeroDown's Naughty/Nice List of Real Estate Listing Terms

A list of naughty and nice things to look out for with home listings - watch out!

How To Find Homes for Sale With 5G Network Coverage

Find homes for sale in areas where your new phone can avail of 5G network coverage!

Kitchen Remodel: Which Improvements Offer the Best Return on Investment?

Here are some materials, designs, and elements to consider when looking to build a long-lasting kitchen that will offer the best return on investment.

The Definitive Guide To Buying a Home For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Everything you need to know about buying a home for sale by owner...

Good News! Loan Limits Will Increase in 2021

Considering a loan in 2021? Here's some good news.

To Stage or Not To Stage: Home Staging Explained

Setting up a house for sale can be the difference between the first viewer making the offer to the thirtieth one. Say hello to home staging, the art of prepping a home for sale to make it look beautifully livable to a prospective buyer.

When Is the Best Time To Buy a House?

Wondering when the best time to buy a house is? You've come to the right place...

Holiday Season Highlight: Peering into San Francisco Price Drops

What does the holiday season mean for San Francisco real estate?

Condo Crawl: The Austin Edition

A socially distant event to see multiple condos back-to-back. Hosted by top Austin realtors and the team at ZeroDown.com.

Is It a Good Time To Buy a Condo in SF?

Median sale prices for San Francisco condos are down 2% from $1.275 million to $1.25 million in 3Q20 vs. 3Q19. Good time to buy? We analyzed this in the context of other alternatives, such as renting.

Condo Crawl: Visit 50+ Open Houses (Socially Distanced, Of Course)

Looking for a socially distant thing to do in San Francisco? Sign up for some showings with our limited-time Condo Crawl event: a one-day event where you can visit for-sale condos.

Are People Willing To Buy A Haunted House? This Study Reveals All

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, for most people the thought of living in a haunted house is enough to cause full-body goosebumps... or so we thought until we saw recent data related to haunted homeownership.

“Bonus Room”: Decoded - Don’t be Fooled by This Tricky Real Estate Term

Who doesn't love extra space? "Bonus Rooms" are great, but just make sure you know the whole story...

The Home Buyer’s Edge - Public Property Data

Buyers are always looking for an edge when making offers on a home. Learn how to use a property's public record data to your advantage and ultimately a successful real estate purchase.

Which Neighborhoods Are Neighborly?

Relying on your agent or some of the other common methods to get a feel for a neighborhood can be hit or miss. Find out how you can use one single metric to take some of the guess work out of finding a great place to buy a home.

Down Payments: Which Amount is Best?

Is a 20% down payment required? Not sure what down payment to save for? Find out what the best down payment option is for you!

How to Buy a House with No Down Payment

For some, saving for a down payment can delay your home ownership goals by years. See what other options are out there and find out if they're right for you!

Fixed-Rate vs. Adjustable-Rate Mortgages - Which is Right for You?

Confused about all the different types of mortgages? Not sure how to choose a mortgage? Check out this summary of the various mortgage types and how they work!

How Debt-Ridden Millennials Are Becoming Homeowners

With historically high debt obligations weighing down millennial savings rates, how are they planning for or making home purchases? Explore the various options here!

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