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Holiday Wish List: The ZeroDown Team's Dream Homes

When you ask a group of people who work in real estate to choose their dream homes... you know they're gonna be good. Here's our team's holiday wish list of homes!

Sherlock - The Real Estate Chrome Extension You Can’t Live Without

A new chrome plugin that gives you huge amounts of additional data for all real estate listings on sites like Zillow and Redfin. Learn how you can take your property searches to the next level.

Filter Out the Concrete, and Zero In on a Home Near Greenery

Looking for some green? Pinpoint the homes that have easy access to some greenery with our latest search tool!

Limited-Time Search Filter: Romantic Views

Looking for that special home to share with that special someone? Let our home search guide you to the most romantic spots in your area!

A Smarter Home-Buying Option is Now Available in the Seattle Area

Seattle - we've arrived! Find out how our program can help you achieve your home buying goals!

Looking for a Sweet Home that Scores High on Trick-or-Treating? Try ZeroDown Search

Pinpoint the area near you with the best trick or treating score using our search tool!

The Latest Tech Company Perk? Helping You Own Your Dream Home

Relocation as a company benefit? Find out how this perk can be win-win for you and your company!

New Home Search Engine Allows House Hunters to Search Based on Quality-of-Life Details

Most people are looking for more than the basics when searching for a home. See how ZeroDown has redefined the idea of an online home search!

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