Greater Austin

6 Elon Musk-Worthy Homes in Austin, Texas

Where will tech mogul Elon Musk settle down in Texas after pledging to "own no home"? Good question... considering he's been selling all of his California homes (totaling over $70 million), we would imagine he has the dough to buy all six homes we've picked out for him.

15 Reasons to Move To Austin, Texas

It feels like everyone is moving to Austin these days... and if you're wondering why?! Well, here are just a few of the reasons everyone is moving to amazing Austin...

This Whimsical Castle Will Transport You To the European Countryside

Feast your eyes on one of the most remarkable properties out there... 2401 Portofino Ridge Drive in Austin Texas.

Austin Flipsters and ZeroDown Partnering To Create Custom Austin Homes

Follow along as we renovate and design a dream home for a ZeroDown lease-to-own customer with the Austin Flipsters!

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