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A home of our own, a place for all of our memories to be founded

Starting a life together is choosing to begin a lifelong journey and adventure. ZeroDown allowed us to embark on that adventure with a home of our own, a place for all of our memories to be founded; something we didn't think would be possible.

Nicole & Greg

Bought a home with ZeroDown
in Oakland

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The ease with which we closed the whole thing. Traditionally hearing about the painful process that everyone goes through—moving within 4 weeks of starting to search for a home was amazing.

Union City

We wanted to set roots in this community and ZeroDown gave us a way to do that. Just the ability in this housing market to make all cash offers that ZeroDown brings to the table was make or break in us getting this property.

Mill Valley

We wanted to buy a home as quickly as we could, with the saving that we had. We weren't willing to wait much longer - which means more expensive homes. ZeroDown has accelerated our schedule to become homeowners.

San Francisco

Things that I assumed that was going to be hard - was just taken care of for me. This was the cake! ZeroDown also helped me have complete confidence that I was making the right decision.


ZeroDown was very supportive throughout the process. It's such a relief knowing that we have a home here for the long term.


I really appreciate the transparency in the whole process. ZeroDown is genuinely passionate about getting people the home that they want.


Really loved that the entire ZeroDown team was there to hold my hand throughout the process. Can't think of a better way to buy a home.

San Francisco

That feeling of walking into our home once we had set everything up - it’s home, it’s comfortable. Thank you, ZeroDown.

San Francisco

Help me get off the rental treadmill. Really appreciated the super personalized service and the super fast response time.

San Ramon

Having the cash in our bank account means everything to me and my family. ZeroDown enabled us to make this purchase. The process was better than I expected.


I couldn't believe how easy the whole process was. I had heard how hard the home buying process was, but with ZeroDown, it was completely transparent and painfree.


The joy of homeownership is elevated in the sense of it’s not the traditional approach. For wife and son it’s pure happiness and joy. ZeroDown was a wonderful find.

San Carlos

Can't be an easier transition between renting and owning than ZeroDown. The all cash offer and savings on closing costs really made a difference.


We’re skeptics by nature and asked a lot of questions - "is this real?", "are we going to lose money?". One by one we found that these were just unfounded fears.


Buying a home is every parent's dream. I really appreciate the transparency during the whole process. Having a home here - is hard to describe, it’s incredible.


What felt out of reach, ZeroDown made it happen within 30 days. The entire process was ridiculously fast.

San Bruno

ZeroDown has made it possible for us to have financial certainty. We see ourselves being happy here for many years.

San Jose

They held our hand through the entire process and made us feel comfortable making the largest financial decision of our lives so far.

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The skyrocketing cost of Bay Area housing has inspired a high-tech solution that lets people move into a home without a down payment.

"It's life changing... It's the ability to get off that rental treadmill."

A new startup laucnhed in the Bay Area on Tuesday says that it can help home buyers survive the region's cutthroat housing market by doing away with one of it's biggest hurdles—a massive down payment.

ZeroDown, as the name suggests, couples technology and a real estate fund to allow home-buyers to forgo the traditional down payment process required to purchase a home.

ZeroDown offers prospective homebuyers the option of buying a house in San Francisco with no down payment and no assumption of mortgage debt by the buyer. And the company will provide buyers with keys to their new home within seven days.