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* Sherlock is currently available in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, and Atlanta metro areas.

Sherlock is a free Chrome plugin that analyzes price trends, permit history, sale history, demographics, quality of life, healthcare access, and more for every home on sale.
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How it works

1. Install the plugin

Add the Chrome extension to your browser for free

2. Browse home listings

Sherlock will investigate homes as you browse them on Zillow or Redfin

3. Get data-driven insights

Find interesting facts and stats for every home

Know More with Every Click

Is the price/sqft of the home comparable to others in the neighborhood? Where is the nearest electric car charging station? How far would you need to go to the nearest grocery store? Get answers to all your questions in one place.

Save time and effort

You don’t need to work on ten tabs to find and dig up information on a home anymore. If there is something that you need to know about a home, Sherlock will find it for you.

A Deep Dive into Every Home

It’s as good as visiting a home, or sometimes even better. Sherlock does the hard work for you by combing through hundreds of data points to deliver instant insights on the home and the neighborhood.

Compare & Bookmark

Simply save a home and see a side-by-side comparison of up to 10 homes. Sherlock is a smart way to bookmark and keep track of the homes that you’re interested in - all in one place!

Our Goal

Being Helpful

Think of Sherlock as having a really smart home search buddy - always available to dig up everything you need to know about a home. At present, Sherlock uses 500+ data points to deliver observations and facts, a figure that’s growing fast. If you have any feedback or observations about Sherlock, please let us know at:


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