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What ZeroDown buys in Your Area

At ZeroDown, our mission is to help you find the perfect home in a hassle free way. A key part of that is selecting high quality, move-in ready homes, in the areas that we serve, at price points that make sense. Below are our home eligibility guidelines that ensure we can deliver on that experience for you.

Property Type Guidelines:

  • Homes must be single family residential homes, including condos and town-houses that can receive traditional financing with clean title

  • Located in the following counties: Maricopa, Pinal

  • Price point from $300,000 up to $1,000,000

  • Homes must be located on paved roads.

  • ZeroDown will not consider homes located in subdivisions or new construction phases that are less than 50% complete.

  • Homes must be owner-occupied (by the seller) or vacant (no investment properties or leased properties)

  • ZeroDown will not purchase short sale, foreclosure or probate properties, bank-owned properties, or any property sold at auction or by a government agency.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase commercial, modular homes, log cabins, mobile, mixed-use or manufactured housing.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase Tenancy In Common (TIC) properties

  • ZeroDown will not purchase multi-unit properties such as a duplex, triplex etc.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase any homes that are part of condo developments, associations or neighborhoods that prohibit long-term rental agreements or have age restrictions.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase any home that is part of an association that is under pending or active litigation.

Property Condition Guidelines:

  • Homes must be in good cosmetic and habitable condition with no significant work needed to make move-in ready.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase homes over 50 years old that are in original condition (i.e. have not been renovated since) or have obsolete floor plans, materials or structures.

  • Homes must have updated plumbing and electrical systems (e.g. no polybutylene or galvanized plumbing, aluminum branch wiring, cloth wiring).

  • ZeroDown will not purchase homes with pending rehab projects, incomplete structures or structures that are in disrepair on the premises.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase homes with liens that will not clear at close or have a non-transferable title.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase homes with unpermitted or unlicensed work, additions or square footage.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase homes with unpermitted or unlicensed work, additions or square footage.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase homes with significant foundation or other structural issues, or damage caused by floods, fire, or other natural disasters.

  • ZeroDown will not purchase any home that has active organic growth (e.g. mold), active leaks or an active pest infestation.

Other Property Disqualifiers:

  • Homes that have sunrooms with glass ceilings.

  • Homes with above ground or vinyl pools

  • Homes that are in a simultaneous or back to back closings (“double escrow”).

  • Homes with propane tanks as the primary heating source.

  • Homes that have a well or septic system.
*The disclosures and inspections for the property can significantly influence this assessment. We highly recommend obtaining disclosures for the property as soon as possible so we can quickly determine property eligibility for a smooth home buying experience. If you're not sure how to do this, you can always ask the agent you are working with.