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Everything you need to know about home loans

18 questions and answers on everything you need to know about buying a home with us.

Home Loans FAQs

What is TPH Digital Mortgages Inc?
TPH Digital Mortgages Inc is a simpler, more streamlined way to buy the home you want. We find you the most competitive financing with lowest rate matching, and we have flexible options so you may be able to qualify even if you've been unsuccessful with other lenders. Find and finance your home all in one place. We're putting as much of the homebuying process online as possible to cut out needless fees and unnecessary middle men.
Can I get a mortgage through you?
Yes! TPH Digital Mortgages Inc has many flexible loan options and works with the top lenders in the country so we can find you the most competitive loan program for you and your dream home. The process starts by getting prequalified for a loan.
You can do that here in just under 3 minutes.
Is TPH Digital Mortgages Inc a direct lender?
TPH Digital Mortgages Inc is both a direct lender and a broker. You will be impressed with our ability to streamline the entire process online. And as a broker, we can shop our national lender network for you to see who has the most competitive rates and loan programs. You then have complete control over picking the program that works best for you. This also means we are totally unbiased in finding you the most competitive mortgage for your home.
What type of home loans does TPH Digital Mortgages Inc offer?
We have flexibility! TPH Digital Mortgages Inc offers many non-traditional options that cater to borrowers who are self-employed or have variable income, and we also provide standard loan products including Conforming Conventional, Jumbo, VA, and FHA. You can choose any loan term you want whether it’s 30 years, 20 years, 15 years or Flex Term.
Can TPH Digital Mortgages Inc refinance my mortgage?
Yes, our advisors are experts in getting you into a better position on your mortgage. Do you want to shorten the term of your mortgage so you can pay your home off sooner, or save money monthly by getting the lowest payment.
What is the minimum down payment?
Many first time home buyers will qualify for as little as 3% down on their primary residence, buyers purchasing a subsequent home can still qualify for as little as 5% down, but it is a case-by-case basis that is determined by many factors.
We can give you a better answer after you’ve taken our prequalification quiz.
What affects my mortgage rate?
We search the entire home loan market to find you the best rate. Some major drivers that determine your interest rate are: down payment amount, income, credit history, debt, current market conditions, and many other factors.
How do I get a mortgage rate?
The first step is getting prequalified. Then you’ll know how much house you can afford as well as have an idea of your mortgage rate.
We can get you prequalified in only a few minutes.
What does getting prequalified mean?
Getting prequalified for a loan is an important part of the homebuying process because it gives you an idea of what price range to target for your home. This helps you know your monthly payment so you can budget accordingly and have certainty as you shop for a home.
Can you prequalify me?
Yes! We can prequalify you for a loan in just 3 minutes. Getting prequalified quickly is important because in a competitive real estate market every day matters. One day might be the difference between getting your dream home and watching it go to another buyer.
You can get prequalified here.
Am I committing to TPH Digital Mortgages Inc by getting prequalified?
Not at all! Our 3-minute prequalification process is easy and does not obligate you to anything
Can you help me buy a home?
Yes! TPH Digital Mortgages Inc provides a Cash Offer service that helps homebuyers place cash offer bids on homes. Cash offers are increasingly becoming a tool for serious homebuyers who want to win in competitive markets. You can learn more about our Cash Offer service here.
What’s the Cash Offer service?
In the simplest terms, the Cash Offer service reserves the home for you while you finalize your financing to complete the purchase. ZeroDown will purchase the home you choose for cash and agree to sell it to you for the same price within a set period of time.
What documents do I need to get a mortgage?
Each mortgage has a different set of documentation requirements. Generally speaking, you’ll need a photo ID, proof of income, proof of assets, and a credit inquiry. Simply put, this gives lenders a good understanding of your income, assets, and overall financial situation.
Can I complete the entire mortgage process online here?
Yes! You can complete the entire home loan process online with us. We’ll pre-qualify you for a loan, compare rates, and find you the best mortgage. A market loan advisor will be there to help you along the way. We’ve got you covered from beginning to end.
I already have a real estate agent, can I still use you for a mortgage?
Yes! All of TPH Digital Mortgages Inc's services can be used with any real estate agent. If you don’t have a real estate agent, we can pair you with the best high caliber agent in our affiliated network.
What if I don’t have a real estate agent? Can you find me one?
If you don’t have a real estate agent, we can pair you with the best high caliber agent in our affiliated network.
Will I have a point of contact?
Yes! When you work with TPH Digital Mortgages Inc on a mortgage, you will have a market loan advisor who helps you every step of the way. They will help you identify the best loan for you and navigate the entire process so you close on time.
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