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East Austin, Mueller, Bouldin Creek, Tarrytown
Jessica Henderson
Coldwell Banker Realty Northwest Office

Welcome to HouseTuber!

HouseTubers is the newest and coolest opportunity to give exposure not only to the property that is for sale or lease but also to yourself as an agent! It’s like MTV Cribs but cooler.

There is so much content out in the world that clients are looking for online presence and HouseTubers give you a platform to showcase and excel in this new digital world of real estate.

So what is a HouseTuber?

YOU! You are a HouseTuber! #mindblown

How does it work?

Create a profile and once you are approved you will be able to upload videos. You will need your license number to register for a profile.

How will I get exposure?

The more times your video is viewed the higher placement you will get on the site. You’ll be “trending” and so will the property. It’s a win-win!

What is the best length for a video?

One minute is the sweet spot, but if it’s a little longer that is ok too! Just make sure it’s not a 3 part mini series. We may be giving out Oscars for best performance but we haven’t decided yet.

What should I video?

Most viewers really want to know about the area so exterior footage, introduction into the home, and then a quick tour through the property, backyard or view. If the home is occupied please do not record personal belongings and highlight the best selling features of the property. People want to know how they will “live in a home” so lifestyle videos are the key.

What is the difference between HouseTubers and my own social media or YouTube?

Traffic! Targeted traffic to the site and as you rank, earn badges, and post more videos you will have more traffic.

How will I personally receive leads?

After the video ends the viewer will click on the “contact for details” button and you will receive their information. We will make sure your information is featured prominently.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! It may seem too good to be true, but it’s free. No need to pay for “areas” or “sponsored posts” nope, nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

Is there a video approval process?

No. We don’t edit your video. You should upload the video when you feel happy with its quality and content.

If the video is too dark or there is inappropriate content or we have a concern we will notify you.

What is the average turnaround time from when the video is uploaded and will be LIVE for viewing?

1 day

Can I video a property that is not my listing?

Yes, as this is additional exposure for this property. Please be mindful of the homeowners personal property and only video the highlights of the property

If a video is uploaded and the seller or the listing agent have a concern and want the video taken down how does that process happen?

Please email concierge@zerodown.com

What if I’m the listing agent and I want the exposure but don’t want to do the video myself. Can I contact one of the top Tubers to video?

YES! - please email concierge@zerodown.com to get connected to top HouseTubers.

What is the benefit as a seller to have different Tubers video my property?

In a competitive market having more eyes on the listing is what all agents strive for when listing a property. Also different agents have different perspectives on how to market a property. It’s like having an agency full of agents prompting your property with different content. Why wouldn’t you want as much exposure as possible and have it all on one platform.

Are the videos on HouseTubers shareable onto Social Media platforms?



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