Try-Before-You-Buy Homeownership.

Move in now, become an owner while you live there.

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We created a third option between renting and owning

We started ZeroDown because we felt there should be a third option -- a way to test drive a home before you take the plunge into homeownership.

Now, you can pick the home of your choice (using your favorite home-search site), move in now, pay rent for a bit, and buy when you're ready -- in 30 days, in 3 years, or any time in between.

Step Inside a ZeroDown Home

It's like a subscription to homeownership.

How ZeroDown Works

Plan for the future, and live in it now

We'll buy the home you choose,

and hand you the keys

Save up while you live it up

in a home you love

Buy when you're ready,

between 30 days & 3 years

Find Your Simple Pricing

Just pay rent, and buy when you're ready


Cash offer on the home of your choice

Option to buy the home with no competitive offers

Keys in as little as 7 days & a bottle of bubbly

24/7 Concierge Service

Predictable purchase price (a flat increase of 2.5% annual appreciation)

Ability to walk away if your plans change

Is this the right choice for you?

Here are some of the scenarios where ZeroDown makes a big difference.

Powerful cash offer to

beat out the competition

I don’t want to risk missing out on my top-choice home. I’ll win the home with ZeroDown and buy it right away.

Move up your schedule

a few months or years

I have a down payment, but it's just short of the home I want. I'll use ZeroDown to secure the home now, and save up a bit longer before I buy it for myself.

Stressed about the

housing market

I'm nervous about putting so much of my savings into a home right now. I wish there was a way to move in but wait longer to pull the trigger.

“ZeroDown is not a mortgage.

It’s the thing you do before you're ready for the commitment & a down payment.”

ZeroDown member in San Jose

Data Every Step of the Way




Ensure you find a home you absolutely lovechecked

Quality-of-life analysischecked

School district datachecked

Experienced local agentschecked

The thorough home inspection you wantchecked

Fair, Smart, Not Too-Good-to-be-True

If this feels different, it’s because it is. We found a way to make ‘home’ happen for a lot more people a lot sooner without paying any crazy amounts. We make our monthly payments as low as possible, to give you room to save for your down payment / get ready to line up your financing.

Our company makes money in 2 ways:

1. The transaction

We split commissions with realtors for home transactions (note: this $ is paid by the seller).

2. The home value

You buy the home from us at the price-of-that-time (i.e., 2.5% increase per year). More info

If you leave the home we’ll find someone else to love the home, and sell to them at the current home value.

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