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Cracker Houses for Sale in East Olympia, WA

Browse cracker houses for sale in East Olympia, WA. Cracker house style architecture, also known as Florida Cracker, is a style of vernacular architecture in the form of a wood-frame house that was widespread in the 19th century, however, it is still popular today.
Common features include metal roofs, raised floors, lots of windows, straight shotgun hallways running from the front to the back, and wide verandas and porches that wrap the entire home.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Cracker Houses for Sale in East Olympia, WA

Why are they called cracker and Florida cracker houses?

This term refers to Colonial-era English pioneer settlers and their descendants. Many of these settlers were ranchers who used to crack their whips to round up animals. Native Floridians came to be known as Crackers, as did their homes.

What are common features of cracker houses?

Covered, deep, and wide porches that wrap the entire home, steep metal roofs, clerestory windows, shotgun hallways, and raised floors are among some of the main features of cracker style homes.

How many Cracker Houses for Sale in East Olympia, WA?

There are 0 Cracker House in East Olympia, WA currently.


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