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Victorian Houses for Sale in Williamson County, TX

Browse Victorian houses for sale in Williamson County, TX. Originating in England during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901, the Victorian architecture style was brought to the country through San Francisco. Steep pitched roofs, colorful exteriors, painted iron railings, multiple stories, and asymmetrical design are some of the key characteristics of Victorian homes. Some well-known examples of this architecture style are the iconic Painted Ladies - the row of colorful Victorian houses in San Francisco, CA.

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Historic Victorian-style Mansion. Wrap-around porches. Multi living areas, parlors. Stainless appliances. Crown molding, stained glass entryway arches...
Main house & Guest House with two separate addresses! Impeccable Victorian home that sits on 3 acres along with a stunningly beautiful 2 bedroom 2 ba...
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Frequently Asked Questions for Victorian Houses for Sale in Williamson County, TX

What are common characteristics of a Victorian houses?

* Two to three stories
* Complicated shape and layout
* Decorative woodwork and trims
* Stained glass windows and doors
* Bright and bold colors
* Round angles
* Towers, turrets, and dormer windows
* Wood or stone exterior
* Very ornate and decorative elements
* Textured wall surfaces
* Steep, multi-faceted or Mansard roof
* Single-story porch

What are some of the downsides of Victorian homes?

Smaller rooms, less closet space, and sometimes the need for repairs and updates including costly custom replacements. Some consider these homes too formal and too ornate.

Why do people love Victorian homes?

There is a romance, elegance, and an air of magic around Victorian homes that is hard not to love and find endearing. The sense of history associated with older Victorian homes is truly unique and hard to replicate.

How many Victorian Houses for Sale in Williamson County, TX?

There are 2 Victorian House in Williamson County, TX currently.


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