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Spanish Style Houses for Sale in Denton County, TX

Browse Spanish style houses for sale in Denton County, TX . White stucco walls with red barrel tiled roofs are two of the most striking features of a Spanish style houses. Low-pitched, asymmetrical, and slightly rounded arches, doors, and windows complete the look for this Mediterranean style. You can find Spanish style homes in many US states but they're super common in the southwest, in the likes of California, and Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Spanish Style Houses for Sale in Denton County, TX

What are the features of a Spanish style home?

Built from indigenous and local materials, red barrel tiled roofs, thick and stucco-clad walls, small but open windows, limited ornamentation, wooden support beams, and inner courtyards are among the most common features of Spanish style houses.

Why are Spanish style homes popular?

People love the beauty and old world feel of Spanish style homes that have become so closely associated with California casual style. These types of homes allow for wonderful indoor-outdoor living.

When were Spanish style homes most popular?

Spanish style homes homes are common in the southwest, including California, and Florida. These homes were constructed from the 1600s all the way into the mid 1800s, and their style is widely mimicked today.

How many Spanish Style Houses for Sale in Denton County, TX?

There are 1 Spanish Style House in Denton County, TX currently.


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