Is 85118, Gold Canyon a good place to live?

Is 85118, Gold Canyon a nice place to live?   Should I move to 85118, Gold Canyon?   What is it like living in 85118, Gold Canyon?   Find out information on living conditions, demographics, transit options, schools, daycares, things to do, and homes for sale.

Before you even start your home buying search, you’d want to know which area to move to. Several factors can influence the choice of place such as demographics, nearby schools, amenities, local community, and more. If you’re considering moving to 85118, Gold Canyon, there are several ways for you to identify if 85118 is a good fit for you.


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Who are your 85118 neighbors?

The demographics of a place can be a fair indicator of how ‘neighborly’ a place is. 85118, Gold Canyon has a neighborly feel with 93% owner-occupied homes and an average household size of 2.0 members. The total population of 85118 is 13,091, the median age is 65 years, and the average household size is 2.0.

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Is 85118 a walkable zipcode?

Quality of life is subjective and can depend on a variety of things. While some home buyers might want a walkable city that offers ample things to do closer to where they live, others might prefer the suburbs with their tranquil streets, peace and quiet, and proximity to open spaces and nature. For some, the idea of being car-dependent is unacceptable, while for others, a reasonable drive time to their favorite weekend hangout is a dream come true.

Walk Score
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Taking that into account, it would be great to know what amenities are available in the neighborhood, and whether you can complete most of your daily tasks on foot. 85118, Gold Canyon has a walk score of 3 and a bike score of 1. Almost all errands require a car.

The nearest airport is Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

What are the public transit options in 85118?

We cannot find any nearby public transit options for 85118

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What are the best schools in 85118, Gold Canyon?

The definition of a good school can vary depending on what people are looking for - some might be interested in schools which have great sports programs, while others might be looking at schools that are better at preparing kids for higher education. Since perspective can make a difference, independent bodies like Niche assign ratings to schools and are commonly used by parents to make a decision. However, you are encouraged to verify these ratings through other sources including visiting the campus.

It is not surprising to note that places with highly-rated public schools tend to have relatively higher home prices because of the perpetual demand for those neighborhoods. If you have children or plan on having in the future, checking out the nearby schools and their ratings is a good idea. There are 2 C and higher rated public elementary schools in the district.

Choosing an area with good school rating consistency is important. While the area you’re looking at right now might have great elementary schools for your young children, it’s well worth examining the middle and high schools they’ll grow up to attend. The nearby elementary school, middle school and high school quality ratings from Niche are very similar. If you have children and desire a consistent school experience as they grow up, this neighborhood may be a good place to plant long-term roots.

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School data provided as-is by Niche, a third party. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate all sources of information. Users should visit all school district web sites and visit all the schools in person to verify and consider all data, including eligibility.

What are the activities for kids in 85118, Gold Canyon?

For households with kids, accessibility to nearby parks, playgrounds, daycare centers as well as highly-rated preschools is key. 85118, Gold Canyon has 1 park, The Ranch Lil Park. These playgrounds provide great recreational facilities for kids, as well as adults. Families can enjoy a nice picnic under the shade in summer months, or walk along the trail for a weekend activity with the kids.

Proximity to good daycare centres is extremely important, especially if the parents have a full-time job. For young families in 85118, Gold Canyon, childcare options include Stripes Urgent Care and Gold Canyon Urgent Care. Proximity to urgent care centers such as Stripes Urgent Care and Gold Canyon Urgent Care is also a plus.

What's Nearby?

Whether a neighborhood is a good place to live or not could also depend on the nearby amenities. Having a high walk score means that there are a lot of places nearby like stores, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, and more. While the scores are by no means perfect, they are a good indicator for "stuff to do" around those places. Things like proximity to grocery stores, dining options, and parks can make a huge difference in your daily lives.

There are also plenty of dining options for the residents of 85118, Gold Canyon. You can grab your morning cup of coffee from common ground cafe, Gold Canyon Cafe, or McDonald's and sit down for a relaxed weekend brunch at SUBWAY, Fry's Fuel Center, or McDonald's. Dessert shops like Chocolate namaste, Oldie's Ice Cream, and Chef John's LLC a Culinary Management and Catering Services Company in 85118, Gold Canyon are great options for satifying your sweet tooth. Residents love to order tacos from Kokopelli's Restaurant, De La Cruz Mexican Grill, or Chipotle Mexican Grill and burgers from Carl's Jr. or Jack in the Box. Chen's Chinese Bistro, racks, or Kokopelli's Restaurant are some great spots for a fun dine-in experience.

85118, Gold Canyon has quite a few grocery stores including Fry's Grocery Pickup and Delivery, Bashas', and bashas.

What are the things to do in 85118?

We cannot find nearby things to do for 85118

Who is the best internet provider in 85118, Gold Canyon?

A good internet and broadband connection is a must-have, whether you work from home or not. Broadband internet connection options in 85118, Gold Canyon include terrestrial fixed wireless, fiber, satellite, ADSL, wireline, DOCSIS, and VDSL from 13 different providers. Aside from optic fiber which provides Gbps speeds, you can get up to 1000 mbps download speeds via DOCSIS powered by Mediacom Arizona LLC.

What are the noise levels and air quality in 85118, Gold Canyon?

Most often than not, the higher the walk score, the higher the noise. So if you’re an extremely noise-sensitive person and it’s absolutely intolerable, you may need to opt for a neighborhood with a lower walk score.

Should I buy a house in 85118, Gold Canyon?

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There is one important indicator of knowing how good the neighborhood is - the number of homes sold in the past. A high percentage of homes sold in the past say, 5 years could indicate that it’s an up and coming neighborhood with people looking to settle here. At the same time, a neighborhood with low home sales, in spite of getting listed on the market could indicate that current residents are looking to move out. It would be nice to speak to residents of this neighborhood to understand what they loved, or didn’t like about living here.

97 homes were listed for sale this month in 85118, Gold Canyon. This is 5% higher compared to the same time last year, and 2% lower compared to last month. The total number of homes for sale in 85118, Gold Canyon is 22% higher than it was at the same time a year ago. 65 homes were sold in 85118, Gold Canyon this month. 7% less than previous month. 81% more than same month last year.

You can also look at several other factors before deciding to make the move. For example, do all the houses in the neighborhood look almost identical? That could mean that the homeowners association might not be the most adjusting. Is there space for parking? Where would your friends and family park when they come to visit you? Your garage could already be full with your own vehicles. How well is the neighborhood maintained? It could help you identify whether you’d want to live next to such neighbors.

Homes for sale in 85118

There are currently no homes for sale in 85118.