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Modern Gothic Homes for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

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Gothic architecture originated in medieval Europe as an ornate form of Romanesque architecture that was popular during the time period from the 12th to 16th.
Gothic architecture has a specific character that features dark, bold lines and powerful verticals that create a dramatic look. The modern gothic style house is similar to the traditional gothic design but also comes with some of its own unique elements. Some people are put off by the term ""modern"" when it comes to something like this because they think it will be cold and characterless but this blend of modern and gothic design is quite the opposite.
Gothic architecture can also be found in religious buildings like churches or cathedrals as well as non-religious buildings such as universities or town halls.
The traditional gothic style was not always seen as such a beautiful design, but as time has gone on it has developed into something more and is now celebrated for its beauty. A rebellion against the excessive ornament of the Second Empire and Rococo Revival furniture, it advocated simplicity and honesty of construction, and ornament derived from nature. Unlike the Gothic Revival, it sought not to copy Gothic designs, but to adapt them abstract them, and apply them to new forms.

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