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Tudor Homes for Sale in Fairfax, CA

Browse Tudor homes for sale in Fairfax, CA. Tudor homes have an old-world charm, reminiscent of an English country manor. This style of architecture originated in the United States in the mid-19th century and continued to grow in popularity until World War II. They were designed to weather cold and wet climates in the northern half of the US which get heavy rain and snow but have been popular throughout other areas of the country too.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Tudor Homes for Sale in Fairfax, CA

What are common characteristics of a Tudor home?

Steep pitched roofs, multiple overlapping and varying gables, two to three stories, rectangular design, stucco or brick and timber facade, cantilevered second story over porch, tall windows with square or diamond shaped panes, chunky iron doorway with Medieval vibe, ornate brick chimneys, and asymmetrical floor plans are just some of the most common characteristics of a Tudor home.

Where are Tudor homes most popular?

During their peak of popularity, most of the large Tudor houses were built in the Northeast and the Midwest.

How many Tudor Homes for Sale in Fairfax, CA?

There are 0 Tudor Home in Fairfax, CA currently.


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