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Cape Cod Style Homes for Sale in Oakland, CA

Browse Cape Cod style homes for sale in Oakland, CA. Cape Cod style homes are low and broad single-style houses. They feature moderately steep pitched gabled roofs, large central chimneys, and little ornamentation. They originated in New England in the 17th century and were constructed of local materials to withstand stormy weather. This quaint style of home was extremely popular from 1930 to 1950.
Typically, the home features a door in the centre with multi-paned windows on either side.

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Tucked into the Oakland hillside, this beautifully updated 4 bed, 3 bath townhouse boasts ample natural light from morning to night, with captivating ...
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Frequently Asked Questions for Cape Cod Style Homes for Sale in Oakland, CA

What are the characteristics of a Cape Cod home?

Typically, the home features a symmetrical appearance with covered entryway and door in the centre and multi-paned windows on either side with double-hung shutters. Centralized chimneys, simple ornamentation, shingle siding, gabled dormers, steep roofs, low ceilings, and open-concept living spaces can all be found in Cape Cod style homes.

What are the variations of Cape Cod homes?

Half Capes, three-quarter Capes, and full Capes are all forms of Cape Cod homes.

How many Cape Cod Style Homes for Sale in Oakland, CA?

There are 1 Cape Cod Style Homes in Oakland, CA currently.


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