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Georgian Houses for Sale in Mcclymonds, Oakland

Browse Georgian houses for sale in Mcclymonds, Oakland. Georgian architecture is one of the most consistently popular styles of home styles across the United States.
Its well-known for its symmetrical design, classic proportions, and decorative elements, it was the most dominant architectural trend in the colonies between 1700 and the Revolutionary War.

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What are common features of Georgian homes?

* Rigid symmetry in building mass as well as window and door placement
* Materials such as brick, stone, or stucco
* Entrance embellishments like pediments, arched tops, and ogee caps
* Hip roofs, sometimes featuring dormer windows

Who invented Georgian architecture?

Georgian style architecture was designed by the third Earl of Burlington, who drew inspiration from the attempts by 16th-century Italian architects to recreate the kind of villas found in ancient Rome.
It arrived in America via British architectural building manuals (pattern books) around 1700. While the Georgian style was popular in England in the 17th and 18th centuries, it is based on the classical forms of the earlier Italian Renaissance period.

How many Georgian Houses for Sale in Mcclymonds, Oakland?

There are 0 Georgian Houses in Mcclymonds, Oakland currently.


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