1034 Hamilton Way


1,100 sqft

What it will cost

Offer Price This is the actual price to purchase the home. Often times, this amount is different than the listing price.




Total Monthly Payment


Property Tax


Home Owners Insurance


HOA Fee If your home has a Home Owners Association (HOA), the monthly HOA fee will be added to your ZeroDown payment.


Due at Close


Program Fee


Closing Costs


Savings with ZeroDown


(compared to 20% down traditional mortgage financing)
$5,930/mo $5,930/mo $5,930/mo $5,930/mo $5,930/mo
Cash earned $87,045 $122,327 $161,166

World's easiest way to buy a home

Get qualified, pick a home, we buy it, you move in, and starting building towards homeownership with every monthly payment. Each monthly payment you make earns you purchase-credits purchase-credits represent a percentage of the home value and you earn them over time.
. After 2 years, you can:

  1. Buy the home from us at a predetermined price set on the day you move in so that there are no surprises, or
  2. Move out and sell your earned purchase-credits back to us for cash

If you do choose to buy at the end of year 5, we help by giving you a bonus of 5%, totaling your purchase-credits to 14% (9% earned + 5% bonus).

Stop wasting money on rent!

If you were renting a $1,000,000 home for $4,000 per month and subject to a hypothetical 2% rent increase year-over-year, you would have spent almost a quarter of a million dollars ($249,790) over 5 years with nothing to show for it!

If you had partnered with ZeroDown instead, in 5 years, you would have accumulated a 14% down payment, helping you realize your goal of homeownership.

Arm yourself with an all-cash offer

ZeroDown makes all-cash offers and present the most desirable terms when you're ready to buy, giving you the best shot of winning in a competitive market such as the Bay Area.

Predictable monthly payments for 5 years, no hidden costs, ever!

With ZeroDown your monthly payment is locked-in for 5 years. This is the only payment that you'll make to ZeroDown - that's it - no hidden costs or fees. You can plan your financial future better knowing that this payment is stable and predictable over the next 5 years.