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Is It a Good Time To Buy a Condo in SF?

Median sale prices for San Francisco condos are down 2% from $1.275 million to $1.25 million in 3Q20 vs. 3Q19. Good time to buy? We analyzed this in the context of other alternatives, such as renting.

Condo Crawl: Visit 50+ Open Houses (Socially Distanced, Of Course)

Looking for a socially distant thing to do in San Francisco? Sign up for some showings with our limited-time Condo Crawl event: a one-day event where you can visit for-sale condos.

Are People Willing To Buy A Haunted House? This Study Reveals All

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, for most people the thought of living in a haunted house is enough to cause full-body goosebumps... or so we thought until we saw recent data related to haunted homeownership.

“Bonus Room”: Decoded - Don’t be Fooled by This Tricky Real Estate Term [Insider Report]

Who doesn't love extra space? "Bonus Rooms" are great, but just make sure you know the whole story...

The Home Buyer’s Edge - Public Property Data

Buyers are always looking for an edge when making offers on a home. Learn how to use a property's public record data to your advantage and ultimately a successful real estate purchase.

Which Neighborhoods Are Neighborly?

Relying on your agent or some of the other common methods to get a feel for a neighborhood can be hit or miss. Find out how you can use one single metric to take some of the guess work out of finding a great place to buy a home.

Down Payments: Which Amount is Best?

Is a 20% down payment required? Not sure what down payment to save for? Find out what the best down payment option is for you!

How to Buy a House with No Down Payment

For some, saving for a down payment can delay your home ownership goals by years. See what other options are out there and find out if they're right for you!

Fixed-Rate vs. Adjustable-Rate Mortgages - Which is Right for You?

Confused about all the different types of mortgages? Not sure how to choose a mortgage? Check out this summary of the various mortgage types and how they work!

Rent-to-own Homes: How it Works, the Pros and Cons

What does it mean to rent to own? Let's explore how it works and the potential pros and cons of this type of contract.

How Debt-Ridden Millennials Are Becoming Homeowners

With historically high debt obligations weighing down millennial savings rates, how are they planning for or making home purchases? Explore the various options here!

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