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The entire homebuying process is easier when you make a ZeroDown cash offer. You're more likely to close, it's easier to find a lower rate, and we've got your back the entire way.

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Win with the strongest offer in real estate
Cash offers are more likely to be accepted. That’s why more and more homebuyers are making them. At ZeroDown, we help you make a cash offer on the home you love.
No additional costs
Homebuying on ZeroDown is straightforward and easy. We’ll walk you through exactly what you’re paying and whether you can find it cheaper anywhere else.
Cash offers routinely beat out other offers on homes. By making a cash offer you’re increasing the chance you get the home you want and the chance that you move in sooner.
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Everything you need to know

What is ZeroDown’s Cash Offer service?

In the simplest terms, the Cash Offer service reserves the home for you while you finalize your financing to complete the purchase. ZeroDown will purchase the home you choose for cash and agree to sell it to you for the same price within a set period of time.

So is the Cash Offer just a fancy word for a mortgage?

No. It’s a little different. Cash Offers are less about financing your home purchase, and more about making your offer as strong as possible in a competitive market so you have the best chance at getting your offer accepted. It’s basically a service that allows you to make an offer using ZeroDown’s money. We use the same data you provide to a mortgage lender to determine how to make the cash offer service work best for you.

What’s the benefit of a Cash Offer?

Cash offers are great for a number of reasons. Cash offers are 4x more likely to win a bid, cash offers close much more quickly, and oftentimes sellers are willing to accept lower prices if it’s accompanied by a cash offer.

Why should I use a Cash Offer over a traditional mortgage?

Home sellers prefer cash offers over traditional mortgages and are about 4x more likely to accept them in competitive offer situations. You would have flexibility to move in on the same timeline as if you used traditional financing, or you can take more time to settle other property sales and shop for the best long-term financing.

Can I use a ZeroDown Cash Offer in all US States?

ZeroDown Cash Offer is currently live in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Texas.

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