Why Are Farmhouse Style Homes So Popular?

There are many ways you may have stumbled across the farmhouse style home aesthetic - on Instagram, on Pinterest, while watching HGTV's "Fixer Upper" show, or on home search websites like ZeroDown.com.

Over the last few years we've seen this style of home everywhere... but what exactly makes farmhouse style homes SO popular? Keep reading to find out...

If you're looking for farmhouse style homes for sale right now - we've listed 10 beautiful ones here!

So, why are farmhouse style homes SO popular?

1. This style of home is extremely livable, functional, and practical above all else. They feel laid-back, warm, and approachable. Very family-friendly.

2. They are versatile and can take on different influences - like modern or industrial farmhouse style or rustic, traditional, and classic farmhouse style. This style of home is a great blank canvas for interior design and decor.

3. The majority have open floor plans for ease of living - and again, functionality.

4. Decor is widely accessible and can be super affordable through thrifting and vintage items.

5. They exude character and charm.

6. Well-crafted and sturdy farmhouses can last forever.

The origins of farmhouse style:

Originally developed to function as residences in rural settings allowing farmers to be closer to their workplace, however, over the years they have evolved and transformed for the modern homeowner.

Farmhouses date back to the fields and working-class families of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, mainly in Germany and Scandinavia. They hit American shores after appearing in the Canadian countryside.

Early settlers and pioneers of the Colonial period brought this new architecture to the East Coast and so Cape Cod and Colonial styles were born! The style of home spread to the West Coast in the 1700s.

Farmhouse style can describe both the architecture and the interior design of a home:

The characteristics of farmhouse style architecture can include front porches, board and batten exteriors, exposed beams, rustic-looking woods, cathedral ceilings, and the use of galvanized steel.

Farmhouse style interior design examples are butcher blocks, shaker cabinets, apron sinks, and textures like natural wood, worn leathers, wicker, and rattan.

Farmhouse style decor is suuuper accessible at basically every home goods store these days but is also a very thrift-friendly and antique-friendly aesthetic.

Crisp colors like white, cream, black, and natural wood are predominantly featured in farmhouse style homes - both interior and exterior.

Why Are Farmhouse Style Homes So Popular?

What are the different types of farmhouse style homes?

  • Traditional farmhouse
  • Modern farmhouse
  • Rustic farmhouse
  • Scandinavian farmhouse
  • Coastal farmhouse
  • French farmhouse
  • Colonial farmhouse
  • Industrial farmhouse
  • California farmhouse

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