Hot Pick Home: 'New Build' in the Bay Area - March 29, 2021

Will this new home be move-in ready with features that will keep it a comfortable home for decades? Based on this criteria, and the points below, we believe so!

This is ZeroDown's Hot Pick Home for a ‘New Build’ in the Bay Area - 03/29/2021

357 Hull Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

This newly built four-bed, four-bath home in San Jose is outfitted with  numerous high quality amenities, including smart home technology and a full ten-year new home warranty to cover the lighting, appliances, gas fireplace, among other things. The minimalist open floor plan design in white, with a statement black fireplace provides a template for further decorating and personalization.

This combination of future-proofed amenities, and timeless design make this home a ZeroDown 'New Build' Hot Pick.

Bright kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Check out more of this awesome new build through this virtual home tour:

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