Hot Pick Home: 'Best Upgrades' in the Bay Area - April 12, 2021

Does this home have improvements that significantly increase the comfort and value of the home? Based on this criteria, and the points below, we believe so!

This is ZeroDown's Hot Pick: 'Best Upgrades' in the Bay Area -  04/12/2021

42 Clairview Court, San Francisco, CA 94131

This five-bed, two-bath home originally built in 1958 in San Francisco has been extensively remodeled with high quality amenities like heated floors and toilets in the bathrooms, dual zone A/C, upgrades to key systems like electrical and plumbing, smart home automation and ethernet wiring.

This combination of major improvements, quality upgrades to finishes and updated key systems for this 63-year old home earns the property  ZeroDown’s 'Best Upgrades' Hot Pick.

Townhouse with two stories and navy paint

Check out more of this awesome home with the best upgrades through this virtual home tour:

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