Hot Pick Home: 'Smart Value' in the Bay Area - November 16, 2020

Every week our data and real estate experts seek out the best homes on the market in the Bay Area. They've even developed a criteria ranking system based on a multitude of factors to aid in their hunt - and so ZeroDown Hot Picks was born.

This is where we'll be sharing the best of the best homes, every week, in the following categories: Smart Value, Green, Restful, and Best Improvements.

A 'Smart Value' home is one that fits a number of the following criteria:

  • Located within an area that has seen positive growth in the last three three years in median sale price/sq ft for homes
  • Located in an area with the best home price appreciation within the last three, five, or ten years
  • Has been recently updated or remodeled, adding value
  • Is at the 50th percentile or more of living space on the block
  • Has an estimated $ per sq ft sale price that does not exceed the area median by more than 10%

The core idea is this: As a purchase that is also an investment, does this home really make for a smart purchase? We believe this one does.

ZeroDown Hot Pick Home: 'Smart Value' in the Bay Area -  week of 11/16/2020

36 Lois Lane, San Francisco, CA 94134

Since 2016, median sale prices per square foot have risen by 28% in the zip code where this four bed, three bath remodeled home in San Francisco is located. This suggests there should be steady growth in value in the future. 

The property is also among the 70th percentile of living space in the area (and the 90th percentile in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms).

While we expect the price per square foot will be slightly higher than the median for similar properties nearby, this combination of historical appreciation, remodeling and size make this a ZeroDown 'Smart Value' Hot Pick.

Check out more of this awesome and smart value property:

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