Hot Pick Home: 'Restful' in the Bay Area - November 16, 2020

Every week our data and real estate experts seek out the best homes on the market in the Bay Area. They've even developed a criteria ranking system based on a multitude of factors to aid in their hunt - and so ZeroDown Hot Picks was born.

This is where we'll be sharing the best of the best homes, every week, in the following categories: Smart Value, Green, Restful, and Best Improvements.

A 'Restful' home is one that fits a number of the following criteria:

  • Near greenery (trees/parks/trails)
  • Located in a quiet neighborhood
  • Has a large yard or outdoor space
  • Has a large lot size-to-living space ratio
  • Has amenities that enhance comfort and restfulness

The core idea is this: Does this home have amenities and is it located in a place that emphasizes peace and quiet? We certainly think so.

ZeroDown Hot Pick Home: 'Restful' in the Bay Area - week of 11/16/2020

176 Villa Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95030

This three bed, two bath Los Gatos craftsman-style home is located in a neighborhood with an average of less than 40 decibels of noise, comparable to a quiet bedroom at night. It has a lot size-to-living space ratio of 2:1, giving it plenty of space for a covered front porch and secluded backyard. 

This combination of outdoor space, quiet location, and cozy amenities, including a fireplace, have earned this property ZeroDown’s 'Restful' Home Hot Pick.

Check out more of this awesome and restful property:

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