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As a self-confessed property addict, Alana crafts content for real estate fanatics and house-hunters using her eye for unique properties, interior design, and industry trends.

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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Homes

Don't knock 'em 'til you know everything about 'em - here's all you need to know about mobile homes.

Japanese Style Homes: 6 Common Features To Look For

Japanese style homes are not super common in the U.S. - but knowing what to look for will help you find one!

Spanish Revival Architecture: What Is Pueblo Style?

Pueblo style is one of the most unique types of residential architecture in the United States - but what exactly is it?

5 Common Features of Mediterranean Style Homes

Wanna spot Mediterranean homes in the wild for yourself? Familiarize yourself with these common features.

7 Investment Properties for Sale With Huge Airbnb Potential

Looking to invest in property? With the aim of Airbnb-ing it? These seven properties around the United States would make dream vacation homes and are sure to capture the attention of any Airbnb vacationer.

7 Traditional Style Homes You Will Find in the U.S.

Some of the most traditional style homes in the U.S., how many do you recognize?

10 Popular Features of Spanish Style Homes

People love the beauty and old-world feel of Spanish style homes, but how well do you know them and their beautiful features?

5 Common Types of Colonial Style Homes

There are many different styles of colonial homes in the U.S., from Dutch and Cape Cod to Spanish and French, each one is totally unique - get to know the most popular ones, their common features, and histories...

What is a Single-Family Home?

A guide to single-family homes: a very desirable option for homebuyers - for many reasons but with every pro comes a con, so we'll be looking at both the positives and negatives of single-family home living.

Katy Perry’s Stunning Los Angeles Mansion Hits the Market

You can now buy Katy Perry's home - as her and Orlando Bloom head for the hills of Montecito.

What is a Tudor Style House?

A guide on the history of Tudor homes, a definition of Tudor style, common characteristics, and more...

Inspiring Interior Design Accounts to Follow on TikTok

Interior designers have taken over TikTok teaching people how to revamp their homes. So if being stuck in your home for these last few months has given you the itch to redesign your space, or if you've just bought a new house and have a blank canvas to work with, these interior design accounts are worth a follow.

The 10 Best Architectural Digest Celebrity House Tours on YouTube

It's not every day we get to see behind the closed doors of luxurious, extravagant, and quirky celebrity homes. From a converted windmill in the Hamptons and a duplex penthouse apartment at the Plaza Hotel to the mansions of the Hollywood Hills, these are the best architectural digest celebrity house tours on YouTube.

7 Real Estate YouTube Channels Worth Binge-Watching in 2022

From tiny apartments to mammoth mansions, these real estate channels give us a sneak peek into some seriously amazing and interesting homes. Trust us, you'll be smashing that subscribe button.

What Is a Craftsman Style Home?

Today we're looking at the ever-popular craftsman style home - the history of this architectural movement, the key characteristics and features, and more.

5 Must-Read Books for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first ever home? Add these five must-read books to your cart ASAP - here are five must-read books for first-time homebuyers in 2022...

5 Homes with Courtyards for Sale Right Now

Homes with courtyards are great if you love spending time outdoors and entertaining people outside- and we found five incredible ones for sale right now! Check them out...

The Best Real Estate Shows on Netflix in 2022

Looking for a new show to get lost in? These are the best real estate shows to binge on Netflix in 2022... grab your popcorn.

5 Spanish Style Homes for Sale Right Now

Spanish and mediterranean style homes are wildly popular in the United States, for many reasons. Let's discuss this style and check out five Spanish colonial homes for sale right now!

10 Red Flags To Look Out for When Viewing a Home

A red flag is a red flag for a reason, and you should always listen to your gut and ask questions when touring a home. After all, buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and purchases you'll ever make...

The Coolest House for Sale in the U.S. Right Now?!

Homes as cool and iconic as this one don't come on the market just everyday...

One of the Most Iconic Waterfront Homes for Sale in California

If you're an avid Architectural Digest reader, or have watched HBO's 'Big Little Lies' or the 90s thriller 'Basic Instinct' - then this home may be familiar to you!

These Large Investment Properties Would Make Amazing Airbnbs

Looking to invest in 2022? Or diversify your portfolio? Well, these investment properties might be your opportunity to do just that...

As Promised, Elon Musk Officially Owns "No Home"

The tech entrepreneur has finally ditched all properties in his portfolio and owns "no home".

The Coolest Tiny Home for Sale in California

We found the tiny home of your dreams in Joshua Tree, California...

Trend Watch: TikTok Home Renovation Before and Afters

Nothing is more satisfying than a good home renovation before and after, and, luckily for us, this is a growing trend all over TikTok - now home to some of the best before and after videos around...

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Penthouse Overlooking NYC's Central Park

This New York City penthouse will blow your mind. Just wait 'til you see the views...

3 Luxury Estates for Sale in Tennessee Right Now

From swimming pools, spas, pool houses, and sport courts to wine rooms, safe rooms, shuffleboard courts, and movie theaters - these are no ordinary homes.

The 3 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Miami, Florida

Flawless weather, stunning beaches, exciting lifestyles, and some of the most incredible homes in the world - who wouldn't want to live in Miami, Florida?

What Is a Modular Home?

When it comes to modular homes, there's more than meets the eye. This article will outline the pros, cons, and everything else you need to know.

The 3 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is your oyster: these are the three most expensive homes for sale in Phoenix, Arizona right now....

Rare and Idyllic Malibu Estate Includes Vineyard and Tiny Home

For the first time since 1997, this Malibu estate is up for grabs... come get a glimpse inside.

17 of the Oldest Homes in America for Sale Right Now

There's something so enchanting about old, historic homes... come take a look at the oldest, most beautiful homes for sale in America right now.

A Rare Opportunity to Live on San Francisco's Lombard Street

An opportunity to own a property on the world's most famous winding street, Lombard Street in San Francisco, does not come along often - especially not one of this nature...

Lush West Hollywood Compound Offers One-of-a-Kind Lifestyle

This WeHo compound is unlike anything you've ever seen before...

Love Interior Design? These 5 TikTok Accounts Are Sure To Inspire

We cannot tear our eyes away from these incredibly inspiring interior design TikTok accounts, and soon, you won't be able to either.

Is This The Most Beautiful Home For Sale In Texas Right Now?

This Dallas home is a work of art... we may just have found The One.

5 Mid-Century Modern Houses For Sale in the Bay Area

Mid-century modern homes grow in popularity with every passing day. If you've been hunting for one yourself, here are five beauties for sale in the Bay Area right now...

A Regal Jewel in Nashville on 5+ Extraordinary Acres

This gem of an estate is nestled in the heart of Belle Meade, Nashville, and looks like something right out of a movie. Come take a peek inside...

5 Awesome Million-Dollar Homes for Sale in the Bay Area

This week's property hunt uncovered a beautiful South Berkeley bungalow, a unique penthouse in San Francisco, a huge home in Oakland, and more - all in and around the $1 million mark...

6 Elon Musk-Worthy Homes in Austin, Texas

Where will tech mogul Elon Musk settle down in Texas after pledging to "own no home"? Good question... considering he's been selling all of his California homes (totaling over $70 million), we would imagine he has the dough to buy all six homes we've picked out for him.

This Mid-Century Modern Marvel in Los Angeles Will Take Your Breath Away

Today we're venturing to the ever-glamorous Hollywood Hills to this 1962 mid-century modern residence is located... and you won't be disappointed.

5 Beautiful Bay Area Homes Under $1M

This week's property hunt uncovered a trendy Mission District one-bed, a waterfront wonder on Bethel Island, a light-fulled Oakland condo, a craftsman beauty in Berkeley, and more - all under $1 million...

Styles of Homes: A-Z Explained

Learn about every style of home out there with descriptions, lists of characteristics, histories, examples, and more...

8 Reasons to Move to Miami and Waterfront Homes for Sale Right Now

It feels like everyone is moving to Miami these days - and honestly? We don't blame them. There are endless great reasons to move to Miami - let's get into them...

What Kind of House Can You Buy Under $850k in 5 California Cities?

Prepare to fall in love with these five beautiful houses under $850,000 - from Spanish style to Queen Anne Victorians, there's something for everyone in this week's property hunt.

The Bay Area's Most Expensive Estate on 74 Rolling Acres

With a whopping 34 bedrooms and 26 bathrooms across seven homes, you'll struggle to find another home like the Green Gables Estate.

Treescore: The Benefits of Living Among Trees for Your Health & Happiness

Why living your best life should include being surrounded by trees - and how our latest feature, Treescore, can help you find exactly that...

5 Unique Properties For Sale Under $1 Million in the Bay Area

From a charming Victorian in Oakland to a cute townhouse in Campbell, we found five unique properties for sale under $1 million in the Bay Area...

Beautiful Homes for Sale Under $750k in the Bay Area Right Now

We set our budget to $750,000 in the Bay Area for this week's property hunt. Despite its reputation as one of the most expensive real estate markets in the entire country, we were very pleasantly surprised to find the five beautiful homes that we're sharing with you today...

What is a Modern Farmhouse?

People go nuts for modern farmhouses - but why? What makes these homes so special? What's so great about a modern farmhouse? Plus find modern farmhouses for sale right now!

Why Are Farmhouse Style Homes So Popular?

The farmhouse style home aesthetic has been EVERYWHERE the last few years... but what exactly makes farmhouse style homes SO popular?

Custom Contemporary Home with Cutting-Edge Features in Houston

This Rivercrest home is a must-see... with cutting-edge architecture, light-filled rooms, soaring ceilings, a glass elevator and floating staircase, tennis court, horse stable, and a beautiful saltwater pool.

5 Tiny Homes for Sale Right Now

Been dreaming of tiny house life? Well, these five tiny homes could be exactly what you've been looking for!

5 Superb Palm Springs Homes for Sale Right Now

Whoever said that "paradise isn’t a place, it’s a feeling" has clearly never been to Palm Springs...

Want To Live on a California Cherry Farm? Now You Can...

The 40-acre property is a well-known U-Pick cherry farm - so if you're looking for an income-producing property to live on, look no further.

What Can You Buy for Less Than $750k in The Bay Area Right Now?

This week's property hunt was a fun one - as we set our budget to $750,000 in the Bay Area - which we all know is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the entire country. However, we were very pleasantly surprised to find the five very special properties that we're sharing with you today...

What Is a Mid-Century Modern Style Home?

Dive into the history of the mid-century modern movement, the key characteristics, features, plus mid-century modern style homes for sale right now, and more.

8 Mid-Century Modern Homes for Sale in the US

Hunting for a mid-century modern home for sale in the US? These eight beautiful homes must be seen to be believed...

3 Colonial Style Homes for Sale in the Raleigh-Durham Area

Hunting for a colonial style home in the Raleigh-Durham area? Check out these three beauties!

Unique Wood Home Tucked Away in the California Hills

The angular wood structure sits beautifully in the canyon, blending modern design with organic feel, in harmony with its natural surroundings.

5 Charming Craftsman Style Homes for Sale in Greater Atlanta Right Now

Looking for your dream craftsman style home in the Atlanta area?

2020 Review: Looking Back on Bay Area Real Estate Trends

As this *unprecedented* year comes to a close, we wanted to share some trends we observed in Bay Area real estate in 2020...

What Is a Colonial Style House?

Dive into the history of colonial style architecture, the key characteristics and features, colonial style homes for sale right now, and more.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Final Design: The Circular Sun House in Arizona

Frank Lloyd Wright's Circular Sun House in Phoenix is on the market for $7,950,000...

9 Instagram Accounts Giving Us The Festive Home Content We Need

Staying home this Christmas? These festive Instagram accounts will help you embrace this season from home.

This Cozy Cabin Is the Ideal Winter Retreat

This cabin has been lovingly updated with custom elements resulting in the loveliest home.

How To Find Homes for Sale With 5G Network Coverage

Find homes for sale in areas where your new phone can avail of 5G network coverage!

Guggenheim Museum Meets Spaceship at This Washington Home

This unique 85-acre Washington property is the former home of a diamond heiress.

8 TikTok Kitchen DIYs and Design Hacks

The kitchen is the heart of the home - and as we approach the holiday season, we'll be spending more time in it than ever before. If you find yourself with some spare time this season, and your kitchen is in need of an update, these awesome TikTok kitchen DIYs will come in handy!

9 Amazing Interior Designers in Utah

If you've been hunting for an awesome interior designer in Utah, this is the article for you...

This Is What a $50 Million California Home Looks Like

This Woodside estate caters to the new normal through space, security, and seclusion.

17 Colorful Homes For Sale in San Francisco

Because everything is better in color.

Ghirardelli Mansion: The Closest We'll Get To Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?

Follow us inside the Ghiradelli Mansion in Piedmont, California...

This Whimsical Castle Will Transport You To the European Countryside

Feast your eyes on one of the most remarkable properties out there... 2401 Portofino Ridge Drive in Austin Texas.

What Can You Buy for Less Than $250k in 5 US Cities?

Including a condo worthy of Carrie Bradshaw and a tiny home on wheels...

5 Insider Tips From Real Estate Experts That Homebuyers Need To Know

We spoke with five real estate experts and asked for their best nugget of advice - that one crucial tip they would offer their friend or family member embarking on a homebuying journey.

10 House Flippers on Instagram for Investment and Remodeling Inspiration

Our latest obsession? House flippers on Instagram. Join us as we scroll home after beautifully transformed home... once you start, there's no stopping.

7 Incredible Interior Designers in Dallas, Texas

If you've been hunting for an awesome interior designer in Dallas, this one is for you...

25 Awe-Inspiring Homes for Sale in California Right Now

Watch out - your jaw is about to hit the floor...

These 7 Online Vintage and Antique Stores Sell Incredible Home Goods

These online stores are curated by experts with the finest taste - so follow them for the best of all things vintage and antique in the home.

3 Must-See Homes For Sale in San Jose Right Now

House hunting in San Jose at the moment?

The 5 Instagram Accounts Every Houseplant-Lover Must Follow

If you're not already a member of the plant parent club - here's your official invitation to join...

A Slice of Contemporary Perfection by Renowned Architect George Suyama

Looking for your very own private and lush oasis? This one-of-a-kind masterpiece in Seattle awaits...

The Waterfront Tiny House of Your Dreams - For Just $40,000

If quarantining in a city apartment with no outdoor space has driven you to nature then this off-the-beaten-path tiny house is the spot for you.

10 Awesome TikTok Home Decor DIYs That Will Transform Your Space

Home decor DIY fever is VERY real... and once you start, there's no stopping it. Now, thanks to TikTok, there are endless ideas out there to try. Choose from accent walls, pampas grass, chunky blankets, plant hangers - or just do 'em all (no judgment here).

3 Homes Under $450,000 For Sale in Highland Park, TX

Think living in highly-desired Highland Park is out of your budget? Think again.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back at This Dream SF Home

Don't let the Victorian facade of this home fool you... inside is a whole other story of warm minimalism meets timeless modern design.

3 Quirky and Unique Homes for Sale in San Francisco Right Now

Sure, there's nothing wrong with cookie-cutter houses... but there's something special about an unusual piece of property. They hit different, they have character, there's a story behind them. Plus they're just more fun to browse if you're obsessed with home stalking like we are...

This Elevated Ranch-Style Texas Home Has The Best Backyard

Newly built in 2020, every inch of this expansive property was meticulously designed and built. Complete with a perfect porch, state of the art chef's kitchen, a home gym, five bedrooms, 5.5 baths, two office spaces, and a resort-like backyard - this home is a dream come true.

7 Home Organization TikToks To Help You Get Your Life Together

There is no better feeling than an organized and tidy home and these TikTok tricks, tips, and hacks are exactly what you need. They say that organization is a form of therapy, and the pandemic has certainly added fuel to this form of home therapy as we now see it everywhere on social media...

Now on the Market: 3 New Listings in Dallas This Week

This week in Dallas the new listings we're featuring are all homes less than $850,000. The first is a proposed new construction in Southern Hills. The second is a Colonial-style house in the beloved Greenway Crest neighborhood. The third is a contemporary ranch-style home with amazing interior upgrades...

5 Spooky Spots in the Bay Area To Visit This Halloween

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble... that's right, it's that ghoulish time of the year again - Halloween is here! From haunted hotels and islands to grand Victorian homes and mansions, here are five social distance-friendly spooky spots you can visit this year in the Bay Area.

Working From Home? These Seattle Home Offices Offer the Ideal Set-Up

Sick of working from your kitchen table every day? These homes currently for sale in Seattle have dedicated home office spaces for you to make the most of your WFH situation!

This Beautiful SF Home Is Steeped in Old Hollywood Glamour and History

Built in 1900, this was once the maximalist abode of an iconic Hollywood set and costume designer so you can just imagine the kind of glamorous happenings that occurred here. Architectural Digest hailed this stunning piece of property as the "Birdcage Victorian" back in 1966 and it's now on the market...

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